Shenandoah Valley Sites Enhancement Project

Post Project Close-Out Update

Since the project closed in September of 2023, it completed due diligence for 9 different sites, totaling 1181.9 acres. This exceeded the original goals of the project. Of the 9 sites, 7 of those became Tier 4 sites which also exceeded the applicants expectations. Also since due diligence, there have been 3 successful projects on 2 sites. Innovation village has 2 projects, Negroni and Lieber.

The most recent successful project was for Outlet Village in Waynesboro which will be the new Northrup Grumman location. This is a 300 million dollar investment that will bring approximately 200 jobs.

The total investment for all site locations is 319 million dollars that will result in a total of 485 jobs within the last two years.

It is clear, that Region 8 continues to fund projects that bring results and economic benefit to the entirety of a region.

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